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Eleven Arches – Park Development Project

Written by Shellwood on 13th September 2017

Eleven Arches announces the next phase of park development project following the phenomenal success of Kynren 

Following the spectacular success of the second season of Kynren, the epic night show, Eleven Arches is delighted to announce the launch of Phase Two of the Eleven Arches masterplan, namely the Strategic Definition of the Park.

The Strategic Definition of the Park, commissioned by Eleven Arches, is the next stage of the process on the path to opening a day park to visitors in 2020.  Essentially a “proof of concept” phase, the project will be strategically appraised and defined in order to arrive at a detailed brief.  The process will explore the feasibility of the park – from concept to creation – as a viable entity to sit alongside Kynren.

The brief produced as a result of the Strategic Definition phase will inform a further phase of Concept Design and Developed Design, to be carried out in parallel and iteratively with Consultation, Cost Information and Fundraising.

Eleven Arches aims to have the two phase process completed by December 2018, at a cost of one million pounds.  At the end of which there will be a robust development plan for the park whose principal aims are to attract investors in the venture, and planning consent sanction in readiness for construction to start as early as January 2019.

The park opening could be staggered across several summer seasons, building momentum for the overall project, but with the first components delivered in the summer seasons of 2019 and 2020.

Says Anne-Isabelle Daulon, CEO of Eleven Arches, “It was always intended that Kynren would light the fire for the long term vision of a day park offering world class entertainment showcasing British history across the ages. 

Kynren has done just that; at the end of a phenomenal season two, we have firmly established that the concept has immense appeal to visitors both nationally and internationally who are drawn to the show’s unique blend of drama, history and spectacular entertainment all on an epic scale, distilled into a ninety minute experience. 

I speak for everyone at Eleven Arches when I say how proud we are of all that the Kynren team has achieved, that has enabled us to embark on the next phase of providing world class entertainment in the North East.” 

The final performance of Kynren 2017 take place on 16th September, beginning at 8.00pm and concluding at 9.30pm.  Tickets are available from £19 child/£25 adult and may be purchased on line at www.kynren.com.  Kynren’s annual season will run from July – September.

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