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Written by Shellwood Blake on 15th December 2017

December 2017 – Bring in the New Year with a dip in the Baltic at Denmark’s leading spa hotel, Kurhotel Skodsborg. Leave the comparatively tropical UK waters to the amateurs and do it the Danish way with a traditional New Year’s Day SaunaGus (Mist Sauna).

Kurhotel Skodsborg invites you to embrace the elements and join their annual New Year SaunaGus: a signature treatment which cleverly combines aromatherapy and mindfulness in a balmy 90°C sauna! Sit back and relax as Skodsborg’s expertly-trained Mist Master diffuses the heat and aromas with a towel, with mesmerising skill. Feeling calm and relaxed – with a renewed sense of energy and strength – set off for Kurhotel Skodsborg’s snow-covered jetty. With stunning views up and down the coastline and a bevy of enthusiastic Danes alongside, brave the cold and dive into the Baltic.

Kurhotel Skodsborg exemplifies the simplicity and wholesome nature of Nordic lifestyle: an approach intrinsic to the hotel’s philosophy since it was first founded by Dr Carl Ottosen in 1898. The benefits of cold water immersion on both mental and physical health are widely-lauded, and when better to take the plunge than the start of a new year. An icy dip awakens and invigorates – it releases endorphins that buzz around the body improving our mood and is also said to banish those pesky winter coughs and colds. Of course, once is never enough, so it’s back to Kurhotel Skodsborg’s award-wining spa for yet another invigorating sauna session and one final chilly swim.

Denmark is a country steeped in Christmas tradition and Kurhotel Skodsborg pulls out all the stops. Nestled between the forest and the ocean in the most beautiful art of North Zealand, Kurhotel Skodsborg is just a stone’s throw from the famous Christmas markets of Copenhagen: the perfect festive getaway.

From special Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner-and-stay packages to a New Year of dinner, dancing, fireworks and beach bonfires, Kurhotel Skodsborg celebrates the festive season in true traditional Nordic style. But, if the merriment of Christmas celebrations starts to take its toll, Kurhotel Skodsborg’s stunning spa – the largest in Denmark – will most certainly soothe body and soul.



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