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Coyne Medical with world-first Clinicloud technology

Written by Shellwood on 21st September 2017

Coyne Medical is the first UK GP practice to offer patients the use of an advanced at home connected medical kit for remote round-the-clock professional monitoring.

Coyne Medical teams up with leading Australian & US based health technology company Clinicloud to be the first UK GP practice to offer its advanced at home connected medical kit.

Patients at Coyne can now receive professional advice from their doctor given remotely and based on accurate data gathered via the easy-to-use world-first digital stethoscope, non-contact thermometer and mobile app. Patients can obtain the Clinicloud device from Coyne Medical so that should the symptoms aggravate, the doctor can make informed decisions on treatment whatever the hour or location of the patient.

The kit is designed for patients with no medical training whatsoever to operate at home to record data which can be accessed remotely by the doctor via the Clinicloud app.  The technology allows users to record basic vital signs including temperature, high fidelity heart and lung sounds so that symptoms such as coughs, wheeze, temperature, heart or respiratory concerns can be recorded and those readings sent direct via the mobile app to their GP at Coyne Medical for immediate evaluation.

The CliniCloud app guides users through either a quick or full check-up, with intuitive prompts for exactly where to place the stethoscope and thermometer, so anyone can use this sophisticated piece of kit without medical training.

Says Dr Hugh Coyne, “As a doctors’ surgery with families at the heart of our practice, we are always looking for ways in which to provide our patients with round-the-clock reassurance and peace of mind. Especially in children, symptoms can change incredibly quickly and for parents to know that we can access the vital signs of a patient as effectively as if the patient is in our surgery is a real game-changer. At Coyne Medical we aim to be setting the benchmark for patient care nationwide and as such are constantly on the global scout for technological advances that help us achieve that aim.

Clinicloud’s first product, the connected home medical kit, has won a number of awards, including Gold in the prestigious 2016 Edison Awards and is now used by thousands of families around the world and by leading telehealth, remote patient monitoring platforms and health systems to gather patient data with ease. The technology is stocked in major retailers in the US and Australia, but is brand new to the UK market and currently only available at Coyne Medical.

Coyne Medical shares Clinicloud’s vision of developing at-home medical solutions and has embraced the connected medical kit to extend its already far-reaching personal correspondence with patients.


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